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Tim Russ

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Find Out How A Web Copywriter Can Make You Money
By Tim Russ


Are you one of the .1% of savvy people that is making money on the web?  Does it frustrate you that your business is only making a fraction of its profit potential?  Doesn't it make you furious that you could be making 5 times as much profit or more from your existing business – if only you knew how?

Clearly, most web entrepreneurs are completely unaware that they are losing money every day on their website.  They put up a website and never have its web copy evaluated.  Are you one of those who is throwing cash out the window?  Remember, it's the shrewd web entrepreneur that is constantly testing today that becomes the acclaimed success of tomorrow.


"99.9% of websites are missing the mark -- they violate hidden rules of conduct when communicating their marketing message to the Internet buying public -- and consequently fail to gain customers, sales and profits"

Maria Veloso, Master Web Copywriter


If I could show you how to make more money by taking one amazingly simple step would you be willing to take it?  Read this entire article so you'll know how easy it is to increase your profits.  The more you grasp the concepts of web copywriting the more you'll realize you need a specialized web copywriter.

Most people read this block busting article for one of two reasons.  Either they feel like they're missing something in their sales presentation or they are determined to take every step possible to make more money.  Regardless of the reason you have come to realize that you need a skilled web copywriting professional.

Obviously, a dynamic professional web copywriter is worth their weight in gold.  Unfortunately, not all copywriters are equal on the internet.  You wouldn't trust your plumbing or electrical work to just anyone.  You shouldn't trust your web copy to someone just because they say they know something about copywriting.

Many professional copywriters have come to the internet thinking that they can use the same old tools they used in the print world.  That’s like thinking that email and sending a letter through the mail is the same thing.  What you need is an innovative copywriter that is familiar with the web.


Thanks for everything! The ad copy you wrote for me is definitely doing better than the old copy. I'm about to stop the split test and just run yours. As you know, I split test EVERYTHING. As of now, you are the best copywriter I've used! That's not just my opinion. Those are the facts based on the results of actual testing!

I like your style... Instead of going for one of those cheesy sales letters that I see everywhere, you gave me an effective sales letter that looks and reads like an informative article. The hypnotic words at the beginning really work. I swear, every time I read it again, those words compel me to keep reading. Thanks again!

James D. Brausch


Why Sales Copy Doesn't Work

Almost nobody online knows much about creating effective irresistible web copy.  Most copywriters try using online sales letters to reach their visitors.  While this works well in the offline world it fails to consider how most people use the internet.

Let's face it.  When you go to the internet you aren't looking for a commercial.  You're looking for in-depth information.  A sales letter (commercial) is the last thing you want to see.  If, however,  you can find an invaluable article (web copy) explaining what you want to know you're very happy.

I use this alluring article approach when handling your product or service.  Your crucial sales information will be converted into a phenomenal article that lets your clients find the information they're looking for.  Everybody wins.

Poor web copy is causing online business sites to lose money daily.  Many people make the fatal business mistake of thinking that they can handle web copy themselves.  The sad thing is that these same people wouldn't think twice about being their own lawyer, doctor, dentist,  or accountant.


Understanding how the brain works

We've all heard that to become a millionaire all you have to do is put up a web page.  If it were that simple you'd already be a millionaire, wouldn't you?  Even if you manage to drive tons of people to your website you still may not sell.

Why not?  It isn't traffic, advertising or fancy graphics that sells a product.  It is, has always been and will always be words.  The words you use to present your product to a potential customer will gain or lose you the sale.

Obviously, knowing how to write helps but still fails to meet the economic needs of the successful business person.  To know how to write so people will make a purchase means you must know how the human brain works.  Without this brain picking knowledge you're rowing a boat in the ocean with no compass.

The brain works through startling psychological mechanisms.  These powerful mechanisms must be brought into your sales presentation.  Adding the right words to trigger an uninhibited mechanism in your prospective client's mind is essential.  It lets you use highly effective motivation skills to help your web visitors benefit from your product.

Without knowing how the brain's psychological mechanisms work you could trigger one that causes your web visitor to reject your product or service.  It's like trying to defuse a bomb without knowing what the wires do.


Why you need a web copywriter

Anyone can write.  If you can make a grocery list or type an email you can obviously write.  Writing isn't enough.  Being a writer involves skills that you don't learn in grade school.  It is a precise craft that takes time and practice to learn.

Copywriting is to writing what surgery is to doctoring.  It is a highly refined process of placing one word after another to produce a specific successful result.  Without the proper comprehensive training you could slice apart your sales presentation like an untrained doctor trying to do open heart surgery.

By now you're surely thinking, "I couldn't possibly afford a web copywriter.  They cost thousands of dollars."  You're right.  Copywriters normally do charge high rates (and they're worth it).  A good copywriter will create the money in your pocket to pay their own salary. 

Fortunately, I have innovative programs in place to meet the needs of every budget.  Don't confuse cost with expense.  Expense is money that goes out of your pocket when you have to buy something.  Cost is the money you invest to generate an astonishing cash flow. 


Why haven't you hired a copywriter already?

Would you worry about the cost of an expert web copywriter if you knew you'd bring in more money than you laid out?  If you could make more money while spending no time to write, would it be worth it to you?

Even if you have read extensively and know much of the way the brain automatically works in the sales arena why would you still need a web copywriter? 

  • You're new to selling on the web.

  • You have no desire to learn web copywriting.

  • You don't have the time even if you do know how to write web copy.

  • You want to make more money.

  • You want to stop losing money because of low conversion rates.


    Tim the web copy you created for me was amazing as soon as I saw it.  Since I began advertising, in the first 2 weeks I have had 8 sales.

    Since this was my first major product that is amazing. Your copy is 100 more times professional than anything I could ever create and what's more your copy actually works!
     Andy Eaton


    It is entirely possible that you have been planning on doing your own web copy but just haven't gotten around to it.  You may not even know that web copywriters exist and are unaware that powerful sales techniques will explode your business.

    While you're sitting there reading this exclusive article, you're beginning to realize how profitable web copy can be for your business.  What will you do with all the extra money you'll be raking in from using my professional web copy?  You don't need to be a genius to see that trailblazing web copy beats sales copy every time. 


    Getting the problem solved

    It doesn't matter why you haven't gotten your web copy done yet.  Naturally, the solution to increasing your profitability lies in getting it done right now.  You may be one of the fortunate people who has already done their own web copy or hired a professional.  Great!  I'd be happy to give your site a quick once over and report back to you how it rates.

    If you haven't had your web site professionally evaluated its like running your computer with no virus protection.  You're asking for trouble.  You are probably losing money even while you're reading this article!  Email me today for a free site evaluation.


    “Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often”

    -Mark Twain (American Humorist, Writer and Lecturer. 1835-1910)


    There is no reason to continue suffering with inferior web copy.  My web copy has been proven to increase conversion rates. 

    Would you like to

  • Increase your conversion rates by making more sales?

  • Have a spectacular professional sales presentation?

  • Use incredible motivation rather than manipulation?

  • Save invaluable time?

  • Avoid a huge learning curve?

  • Avoid costly errors?

  • Have proven techniques and tested results?

  • Stop losing money?

  • Have honest-to-goodness personal service?

  • That's what a professional web copywriter can do for you.  Why struggle with trying to do things yourself when you can have me write your web copy?  Some people might claim that it costs too much.  When you consider the profits you'll rack up it's clear that it costs too much to NOT hire a professional web copywriter.

    By speaking not only to your prospect's conscious mind but their subconscious mind as well, you'll have their full attention.  Obviously, most people really want what you are offering or they wouldn't be coming to your web site.  It's in everyone's best interest to help them decide to make the purchases they want to make.

    The absolute beauty of insatiable web copywriting is that the mouth-watering articles will take your information and present it to your web visitor in a way they can understand with their whole mind.  Rather than forcing them to sit through one more commercial advertisement you'll be educating them, informing them and helping them.

    Business will cease to be a struggle to see who wins.  It will become the incredible partnership that it should be.  Happy customers make more follow up purchases.  They also make business people happy .  It's time to trade in your frown for a smile!


    “Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.”

    -Napoleon Hill (American author, 1883-1970) 


    New Techniques

    Copywriting has been around about as long as the printed word has existed.  It isn't new.  The internet has only been around a few years, though.  Each time a new medium appears copywriting has to be adjusted to accommodate the needs and capabilities of that medium.

    You wouldn't expect to see a story told on TV like they used to tell it on radio, would you?  Do you think that hearing the sound from a movie would be entertaining on radio?  How about if you turned on the news channel to see nothing but printed words? 

    You can easily see why regular offline sales copy doesn't translate well into the web environment.  The medium is different.  The users read differently.  Most of the web hasn't caught up with this revolutionary concept.  By creating your copy with proven WEB copywriting techniques you can leap ahead of your competition!

    Clearly, successful web copy is the accommodation that copywriting techniques require for the internet.  You'll benefit from tested and proven techniques developed in the print world.  Your copy will also be written using crucial techniques specifically developed for the web environment. 

    This powerful combination calls out to eager web visitors like a siren song.  It's irresistible to them.  They want to hear that song and they will play the music of your remarkable sales article again and again until they make their purchase.

    Remember when I asked you if I could show you how to make more money by taking one amazingly simple step would you be willing to take it?   I'm assuming that since you've read this far you answered yes earlier.  Here it is: Email me for a no cost friendly evaluation of your web copy before you lose any more money.  Don't fret about price

    Emailing me will give you the peace of mind you need.  You'll get a professional competitive edge evaluation of your sales presentation and you'll know whether there are steps you can take to increase profitability.  You can be sure that your competitors will eventually discover web copywriting and will not hesitate to leap ahead of you.


    The Bottom Line...What will this cost me?   $$$$$$$$

    If you have 'accidentally' scrolled to this section of the article without reading the entire article you have done yourself a monumental disservice.  Money is important to all of us but nobody should make financial decisions without proper information.  Do yourself a favor.  Go back and read this entire article before continuing.

    What will it cost you?  It depends what you want done.  It won't cost you anything to send me an email.  It won't cost you anything to get a free site evaluation.  It will cost you a lot if you aren't using professional web copywriting services.  You'll continue to lose money exponentially that could be going into your bank account.

    Wouldn't you like to know what my prices are?  There is one sure way to find out.  If you'd like a clearer explanation of my prices use the form below.  You'll receive a two page report detailing my pricing.

    Pricing Information Request

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    You'll get an email asking you to verify that you made the request.  Once you verify you really want the information you'll get my price list within minutes.  It's all automated so you can do this any time of the day or night.

    Remember, nobody can guarantee you that you will be a sure-fire success.  What I can guarantee is that you won't be charged for a free report showing you how your web site scores on the selling scale.  Get your easy-to-follow report today so you won't have to continue guessing about your web page's potential.

    Thanks for letting me share with you.  I hope you've found this article informative.  If I can help you in any way don't hesitate to email me.  Whatever you decide to do I wish you luck in your business.

    P.S.  If you cannot afford or do not wish to pay a professional copywriter up front to do your work I still have a program that may work for both of us.  Click here to find out how you can get my copywriting services with no up front charge.  You'll need to include the website you want me to work with and any other information regarding the site that you feel is important for me to know.


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